Chipotle and Non-dairy Ice Cream

If you want a fast healthy meal try Chipotle.  Here you can customize a burrito or burrito bowl (my favorite). It is cooked fresh and they use naturally raised meats. The calorie content can get high for the burrito. If you get a burrito bowl you can ask for a smaller portion of rice, skip the sour cream, etc. to help keep the calories in check. I always ask for extra veggies and get mild and medium salsa to increase the veggie intake!

Another great find for those of you that love ice cream but need a non-dairy alternative.   Purely Decadent non-dairy frozen dessert is organic and delicious!  We tried the Vanilla Bean flavor and sprinkled it with un-sweated cocoa powder. It has a few simple ingredients, including agave syrup for a sweetener. Compared to a scoop of Vanilla ice cream from Baskin Robbins you save a little on calories, fat, sodium and sugar. Because it is not made with any animal products there is 0 cholesterol. You also get the added benefit of fiber – 6 grams per serving verses 0 in regular vanilla ice cream!

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